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Click the link below in order to find news articles related to Home Horticulture topics in Pitt County written by Danny Lauderdale, Extension Agent – Horticulture. Also on this page are monthly garden calendars.



Camellia japonica

How to Grow Camellias

Camellias are a cherished plant in southern gardens. Since the fall flowering ones have been in bloom I have been getting a lot of questions about them. There are two types of camellias MORE »

NC AgVentures Grant

NC AgVentures offers grant opportunity to support family farms NC AgVentures, a NC Cooperative Extension program provides grants to NC farmers for new and innovative agricultural project ideas that will increase farm profits. MORE »

earthworm castings

What causes tiny mounds of soil in my lawn?

When night temperatures are warm, even during fall and winter when warm spells occur, I often get questions about tiny mounds of granular soil covering small or large areas of the lawn. The MORE »

Dig a hole at least three times the size of the root ball and shallow enough so the flare at the base of plants is above the ground.

Fall is for planting! popular

Throughout the year I see many lawn and landscape problems. That is the nature of what I do. Many of these problems are the result of poor plant selection and poor planting techniques. MORE »

2012 - 02-09 - Arboretum - Daffodils - 10

When do I plant spring flowering bulbs?

Fall planted spring flowering bulbs are some of the toughest plants around. They have stored energy in the bulb to produce the root system, then foliage, and flowers for the spring. With the MORE »

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