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What is a 4-H presentation?

A presentation is a method used to communicate an idea by showing and/or telling. It can be a demonstration that uses posters and other visual aids or an illustrated talk that uses posters and other visual aids.

4-H Presentations help you learn how to:

  • Research a subject
  • Critically think about and analyze the subject
  • Organize ideas in a logical order
  • Be a teacher and share information
  • Practice and develop Public speaking skills

2020 Public Speaking/ Presentations Guidelines

● Rules will remain the same
● State 4H Presentation Guidelines & Regulations & Categories

● Videos of youth presenting their presentations:

  •  Videos must be single cut – do not do several recordings and splice them together. SINGLE CUT ONLY – just as if youth are presenting live.

● I must see youth doing their presentations ( cannot be a PowerPoint with voice-over)
● Teams – will need to use Zoom or something similar to record you both on the screen at the same time. (Use co-host to share the roles)
● Videos can not be bigger than 10GB – smaller is better
● Videos must be .mp4 file format or .mov as these are universal and we should be able to open them easily. We do not want links to a youtube channel or anything else. Please upload the video directly in the google registration.

Outdoor Cookery
•It will be held at a later time – sometime in the fall – we are still working on this plan. We cannot really have this one until we can meet face to face.
• The same rules will apply.
• The Committee is still developing this plan

Helpful Hints for 4-H Presentation Videos

  • All videos should be recorded horizontally if using your phone or tablet/ipad.

  • Make sure phone is on airplane mode and do not disturb

  • Make sure your camera is set to HD

  • Set it on a stable place (piling up books if you don’t have a tripod) Ideally, the camera should be set at your eye level.

  • Make sure Autofocus and Auto Exposure are locked on the participant at the right distance

  • Look directly into the camera lens and cover up your own picture if it’s distracting.

  • You can use bright stickers placed on either side of the lens if it’s hard to get your focus back to it

  • If you’re showing an item on camera, do it slowly, holding it in place while counting to at least 5 in your head before putting it down

    • Because things are often hard to see or concentrate on in a video when you are holding it, one option would be to have a high-backed chair turned backward beside you so that you can rest your arm on it while you’re holding the object to make sure you’re holding the item still.

  • Make sure the camera is at a direct line of sight with you or slightly above if you have items on a table.

  • If you are showing a powerpoint on a different computer, it may be hard to see the computer screen on camera. The camera cannot expose for both you and the computer screen with clarity and it’s going to pick the better light source (the computer).

  •  There are several options depending on your technology available:

    • Set focus on you, move the camera to the computer if needed to the screen. Hold it for 5 seconds, then move it back. Remember it is not the most important part of your presentation, the focus is on the presenter and their presentation.

    • Print slides out and film at a closer angle

    • Film your presentation but stand to the side so that you will have enough room to digitally add slides in later

    • Film with dual screen Zoom

    • Use Posters

  • Face the window or another light source or you can set up outside to record your presentation.

  • If you have glasses, make sure that you can’t see the reflection of the window in them so that we can still see your eyes.

  • Make sure you have a non-distracting background (not busy and not a lot of people walking around behind it

  • Use earbuds with a microphone to improve your audio if needed.

  • If you are concerned with upload time, maybe upload it overnight.

Video Specifics

  • Please save video’s as .mp4 or .mov  These are universal files that we should be able to download and watch.

Videos should be 10GB or less. 6-8 is recommended based on the time limit that your presentation should be. 7-12 minutes total.

County Deadline: May 25, 2020

Ready to submit your presentation, do so here:

 2020 4-H  Presentation Registration